Business Services

We support you in building, launching and growing your Community with an integrated suite of professional, training and support services.

Crafting the strategy to grow your Community

Community Strategy Definition

We work with you in crafting your Community strategy and goals.

We provide deep market and technology expertise and together we identify the appropriate solutions for your Community launch and development.

Social Network setup and implementation

We can support you in optimizing your Social Network configuration & design and define the overall brand experience of your Community.
We also can give assistance in defining data management, marketing and software Integrations.

User onboarding & service launch

Users onboarding and service launch are key stages in a Community lifecycle. We can provide guidance and operational support in these important activities.

We can also help you in organizing the editorial strategy, marketing tools, team roles and permissions.

Users growth and retention

We offer monitoring, analysis and optimization services to help you grow your Community.
We perform technical and operational audits to gauge whether or not your Community strategy is meeting its objectives and it is implementing industry best practices.

Training & Support

We provide complete training sessions and courses for your team. Our sessions are designed to provide a complete overview of the platform as well as specific training modules such as editorial and marketing topics. We can customize training and education courses to suit your needs.

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