Release 0.24.0



  • Simplified the Free Trial activation form.
  • Added the possibility to create the Community without inserting interests/categories.
  • Activated the option of creating a post without the obligation to an assign interest/category to it.  Such posts will be addressed only to the followers/connections of the post author.
  • Introduced a welcome post that will help the Owner to make the first steps within the Community.
  • New graphic aspect of the homepage for not logged user.
  • Refreshed graphic interface and improved readability while displaying various components (avatar, widget, text entry box, buttons, etc.).
  • Added the Roboto font family in the font options. Calibration of dimensions and thickness of the other available fonts.
  • Introduced the Follow or Friendship social relation typology between users.
  • Improved the Loyalty Program feature (no longer limited to just three rewards) and enriched it with a description of the prize (name of the prize, points needed to obtain it, description, image, and related link).
  • Added a widget (visible only on the homepage of the Administrators, Editors and Moderators ) to facilitate the access to the Community management Platform.


  • Complete graphic refresh.
  • Optimization of the Theme section.
  • Introduction of a graphic distintive element for the Community Owner in the Staff Roles section.
  • Responsiveness enhancement in the Social Analytics section.
  • Improvement of the tables layout in various sections of the Platform: Social Analytics, Marketing tools, Tagging System (available for Enterprise plan).


  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Speed and performances improvements of the Community and Platform.