Create unique brand experiences with our Community Platform.

SelfCommunity is a unique Community Platform that enable brands, companies, associations and influencers to create proprietary Social Networks and build valuable interactions with users, customers, employees, fans and volunteers.

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Complete and powerful set of features, services and tools.

Brand Identity and Look & Feel

  • Launch your Community in a stand-alone mode or integrate it in your digital properties.
  • Manage your brand identity, your domain and your e-mail server.
  • Easily define how your Social Network will appear with a complete set of graphic and design features.
  • Request advanced Social Network look & feel customization.

Content and Behavior

  • Publish different content types such as posts, articles and polls. Enrich them with videos, images, documents and Links. Prioritize strategic content in the activity feed.
  • Organize your Community contents by categories or topics and get insights about what most interests your users.
  • Segment users and target content with our in-platform tagging system.
  • Determine content activity feed, optimize SEO, customize system pages, integrate proprietary video.

Access, Users and Relations.

  • Choose between a private (invite-only) or public Community.
  • Enable users to register and access the Community with their social accounts.
  • Invite and import users from other applications.
  • Connect users with friendship or follow social relations.
  • Offer users a complete and dedicated profile page that contains personal information, activity feed, multimedia collection and more.
  • Allow users to communicate directly with private messages.

Search & Recommendation

  • Search and discover content, categories and users by our internal search engine
  • Suggests content, users to connect with, products and services with our advanced recommendation engine.

Gamification & Loyalty

  • Exploit our gamification tools to improve engagement and strengthen the community.
  • Reward users with our loyalty system and increase retention.

Notification System

  • Keep members updated and boost engagement / retention with our advanced multichannel notification system.
  • Personalize user communications such as email, web or mobile. Define and control all aspects of the notification.
  • Target notifications to predefined user clusters using the in-platform audience targeting tool.

Team Roles and Moderation

  • Assign internal team roles, permissions and features.
  • Empower moderators staff and supervise Community health with our users & content moderation tools.
  • Collect user feedback and encourage shared moderation.

Social Analytics

In-Platform Advertising

  • Select from our complete set of desktop and mobile ad formats.
  • Create targeted campaigns with our social advertising engine.

Marketing Tools

  • Run marketing and communication activities with our suite of marketing tools.
  • Target and reach your audience with our dedicated profiling and clustering tools.
  • Create communication templates and deliver personalized campaigns like onboarding, engagement and retention, events, promotions, rewards and more.
  • Collect, aggregate and analyse feedback and responses from users with the polls and survey tool.


  • Implement SSO (Single Sign-On) and enable users to securely authenticate with access credentials from existing digital properties.
  • Integrate the Community within your Website with our full set of APIs and webhooks.
  • Scale your business by combining SelfCommunity data with existing applications and marketing platforms.


  • Minimize risks with our annual internal security audits.
  • Rely upon our Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) and secure data centers.
  • Full GDPR compliance.

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