Create and Grow your Community with a native Social Network.

Improve engagement, reinforce brand awareness and increase loyalty with an unique and fully customizable Social Network platform.

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A Social Network platform for Brands, Organizations and Influencers.

  • Equipped with the most common and advanced Social features.
  • Focused on content and user engagement.
  • Seamless mobile app and web experience.
  • Empowered with intelligence engine and social analytics.
  • Enriched with a full set of marketing tools.
  • Available through App (Android & iOS) and desktop.
  • Integrated with your website or stand-alone.
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Full control on your Community and Brand Experience

Your Social

  • A unique ready-to-use and fully customizable Social Network Platform.
  • Easy to setup, manage and maintain.
  • Complete with a powerful set of features, services and tools.

Your Users

  • Create social Communities around your users, customers and members.
  • Build Communities of Interest and engage people who share the same passion.
  • Grow Communities of Practise and allow members to develop expertise and skills.

Your Data

  • Monitor your Community with advanced Social Analytics tools and Reporting.
  • Leverage your content and users data to create effective marketing campaigns.
  • Synch the platform with external applications and maximize the benefit of data integration.
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Create value with your Community

Increase engagement, reinforce awareness and loyalty, improve feedback and retentionwith our Social Network Platform.


Retain users and customers, increase customer lifetime value and build long-lasting relationships.


Offer a dedicated space for customers, employees an users to interact, share ideas, listen and stay connected.


Encourage advocates that support Brand values, promote services, share content and connect with a larger audience.


Grow a Community that empowers user-generated content and foster users to ask questions, solve problems, and share new ideas.

Amplify your business and organization Stategy

Market Research

Gather and enrich customer insight with content and tools designed to be intuitive, engaging and safe.

Feedback & Quality Improvement

Listen to users and customers, collect product feedback, validate new ideas, tune product development.


Promote innovation with new ideas, products, services or models that address unmet needs, change and growth.

Enterprise Culture and Change

Improve communication and knowledge sharing, stimulate organization-wide collaboration and culture.

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