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SelfCommunity is the Community platform that enables your brand, company, association, and as an influencer, to build valuable relationships with your users, customers, collaborators, fans and associates.

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The Platform to gather and manage your Community, delivered in cloud with Social Networking technology.

Your Social. Your Users. Your Data.

Your Social

  • Deliver a frictionless experience to your users.
  • Keep your customer base engaged with system and custom in-App notifications.
  • Enhance current Retention and Engagement rates.

Your Users

Your Data

  • Enhance Community oversight using sophisticated social analytics and reporting tools.
  • Leverage your zero-party data to create effective marketing campaigns.
  • Synch the platform with external applications and maximize the benefit of data integration.
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The value of your Community

Increase the value of your Community by fortifying brand recognition and loyalty, refining marketing investments, and amplifying revenue streams.

Accelerate Growth

Enhance user and customer retention, boost their lifetime value, and forge enduring relationships. Draw in new members and motivate active participation.

Foster Advocacy

Empower advocates who uphold brand values, endorse services, distribute content, and engage with a broader audience.

Optimize Costs

Overcome the fragmentation between different marketing tools and flows and optimize your costs.

Boost Sales

Incorporate SelfCommunity with your eCommerce platform to enhance revenue generation.

Place your users at the heart of everything

Market Research

Collect and enhance customer insights using intuitive and engaging content and tools.

User Insights & Quality Enhancement

Attune to users and customers, gather product feedback, validate new concepts, and refine product development.


Foster innovation by introducing new ideas, products, services, or models that address unmet needs and drive change and growth.

Enterprise Culture and Change

Improve communication and knowledge sharing, stimulate organization-wide collaboration and culture.

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No brand is too small or too big to have its own Community.

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