Social Intranet

Your company's fully-owned private social network

Simplify communication and foster engagement in a dedicated and protected environment.
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Make work more engaging and productive.

The Platform to gather and manage your corporate Community where you can collaborate, share ideas, participate in discussions, create working groups, access company resources, and socialize with colleagues.

    Channeled Communication

    Overcome the fragmentation of communication flows due to the many tools used (email, chat, instant messaging).

    Facilitated Collaboration

    Promote collaboration and innovation by facilitating the generation of multidisciplinary teams.

    Shared Knowledge

    Facilitates the sharing of knowledge within the organization, eliminating the isolation of information.

    Valued Competencies

    Increasingly value the professional skills and human attitudes of each member.

    Information at Hand

    Communicate in real-time information, updates and useful news from each key sector of the company.

    Positive Corporate Culture

    Helps develop a corporate culture, proposing a model of an open and collaborative company.

    Corporate Focal Point

    Offers a unique space to share one's professionalism, advise, and resolve doubts.

    Accelerated Onboarding

    Accelerates the company onboarding phase for new hires.

    Work and Have Fun

    Allows for a shared space to collaborate on work-related issues, but also to organize recreational activities (team building) or share personal achievements.

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