Release 0.48.0



    Run Readiness Checks.
    A system able to check the configuration status and preparation for the launch of the Community is now available, to guide and advise its Administrator.

    Accessible from the SelfCommunity Platform homepage, it’s divided into three levels of configuration and optimization:
  • Required - to check, in real-time, the configurations and services activations mandatory for the launch of your Community.
  • Recommended - where to find the recommendations to configure your Community as its best.
  • Best Practices - source of useful tips to better set up your Community.

    Cookie Consent - Configuration of an external service.
    In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive (ePR), we are no longer allowed to support the Cookie consent and the relative provision of the cookie banner with a custom solution embedded in the Community service. It is therefore possible from today, via the new Integration introduced, to use an external service to obtain and store consent to cookies and online tracking from visitors.

    Google Tag Manager configuration.
    Integration with the Google Tag Manager system has been implemented. In compliance with the decision of the Privacy Guarantor to consider the use of Google Analytics Universal (no longer supported in SelfCommunity) non-compliant with the GDPR and with the primary objective of allowing greater autonomy of integration into the Community of any external services. In the dedicated section of the Integrations panel, just enter the relevant identification code.


  • Minor bug fixes.